We the People of Washington State will Occupy the Capitol.

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Action

We will occupy our state capitol in Olympia during the special legislative session, and we will tell our lawmakers that we have had enough.

UPDATES: Click here for news and media coverage.

Map: Click here for a map of the Capitol grounds. The State Capitol is also called the “Legislative Building” and is on the left side of the map. The Cherberg building, where budget ways and means hearings are held, is just south of the Capitol.

Bus: Click here for info on taking the bus from Seattle to Olympia.

Click here to sign up and join us!

Sunday, November 27:  Sleepover with Occupy Olympia

Bring your tent, warm clothes and a sleeping bag to camp out in Heritage Park next to the state capitol.

Monday, November 28: The 99% Takes Back the Capitol.

People from across the state are joining together on the first day of legislative session to begin the occupation and show our lawmakers that we will not tolerate another all-cuts budget. It’s time to end unfair tax breaks and raise revenue. See Details for events happening throughout the day.

Tuesday, November 29: We are the 99 Percent.

Who are the 99 percent? We’ll put a face on the 99 percent with personal stories of the devastation suffered because of state budget cuts. Join us at 11:AM at the Capitol Theatre, in Downtown Olympia.

Send in your picture of why you occupy.

Wednesday, November 30: Make the 1 Percent Pay their Fair Share.

It’s time for the richest 1 percent to pay their fair share to help fix our economy. Big banks and large corporations benefit from outdated tax loopholes while our communities continue to suffer.

We need a tax system that is fair to all of us so that we can rebuild an economy that works for the 99 percent.

Thursday, December 1: Do You Stand with the 99 Percent?

Legislators are elected by the people to represent the people. Government’s job is to protect Washington families—not big corporations, unfair tax breaks or rich special interests.

We call on our elected legislators to stand up for Washington families, stand up to special interests and stand with the 99 percent.

Friday, December 2: Our Future is at Stake.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Our children are looking at a world where they are uncertain of their next meal and unable to see a doctor when they need one. Our students will be shoved into crowded classrooms, graduate saddled by debt and end up unable to find a job.

We call on the people of Washington to look to the future and decide what kind of legacy we will leave for our children.

Friday is also the Children’s Alliance lobby day, and there will be a rally on the steps at noon.

Saturday, December 3: We Can Do Better.

Meet the Our Economic Future coalition on the Capitol steps for a big rally at 11:00 am. Join community organizations and people from all across Washington state to show our elected legislators that we are the 99 percent–we are the majority–and we deserve better.

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for doing this. It’s about time.

    • Dana Walker says:


      This notice is addressed to General Administration head Joyce Turner and Governor Chris Gregoire. While you do not pay rent, we permit you to occupy our property on the basis of a work agreement only. As you have not adequately fulfilled this work agreement, at this time, we must ask you to vacate these premises. It has become clear to us that your activities are no longer sustainable. We will arrive to perform inspection on the 28th of this month. We hope that you will comply voluntarily at this time.

      Occupy Olympia

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